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LEED v4 Certification

The following joint fillers and repair materials from Hi-Tech Systems are LEED compliant and meet the criteria set forth in the IEQ4.1 Low-emitting adhesives, sealants credit.

Joint Fillers

Hi-Tech PE-65MI (CDPH 1.2/LEED v4)
Hi-Tech PE-75MI (CDPH 1.2/LEED v4)
Hi-Tech PE-85MI (CDPH 1.2/LEED v4)
Hi-Tech PE-90MI (CDPH 1.2/LEED v4)

Repair Materials
Hi-Tech Spall FX & FX2
Hi-Tech Spall RX2
Hi-Tech Spall TX & TX2
Hi-Tech Spall TX3 (CDPH 1.2/LEED v4)



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