PE-85 Moisture Insensitive Joint Filler

Anyone that has filled joints, knows that moisture is often a challenge that must be overcome. Whether it is from a scrubber that wasn’t supposed to be run, a leaky pipe or just plain old humidity, moisture will cause many polyurea joint fillers to swell and bubble. This reaction results in poor adhesion of the filler to the joint sidewall and often times visible bubbles in the joint.

We have developed an improved moisture insensitive version of our PE85 Joint Filler that completely eliminates this problem. PE85-MI will NOT react with moisture, even in extreme circumstances. The following video demonstrates the ability of the product to cure and shave flush with no bubbles or swelling, even with standing water in the joint.

Of course, we don’t recommend you intentionally flood a joint with water. This is an extreme demonstration to illustrate a common problem, but as you can see, the joint fill cured completely and the final product looks great. In addition to the reduced sensitivity to moisture, the improved PE85-MI also shaves better and smoother than the competition and is also more UV resistant.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or contact us through the website. We are always working to innovate and develop better products, and feedback from our contractors is a large part of that.

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