This tool features a heavy duty steel construction, ergonomic handle and springs to ensure quick on ratio distribution of Hi-Tech products. Accommodates standard 22 ounce dual component cartridges.

Hi-Tech Systems Battery Tool

This tool makes the application of Hi-Tech products quick and consistent. A great option for small and medium sized jobs or where space is limited.

The Hi-Tech Power Shaver is a patented ridealong machine designed to shave the overfilled polyurea profile flush to concrete.

The Hi-Tech shaver was designed and built in house to make shaving excess polyurea easier.

Soaping the sides of control joints has long been an industry trick to make shaving joints easier.

Hi-Tech Systems Trowel used with Spall TX3 as a pre polish filler close up

The Hi-Tech trowel makes application of TX3 and FX2 pre polish filler a snap.