Injection Pro 30001C

  • polyurethane injection pump
  • polyurethane injection pump into concrete wall

The Hi-Tech Injection Pro 30001C is a positive displacement, stand mounted polyurethane injection pump capable of pressures up to 3000 PSI and volume up to .47 GPM. The 30001C is very reliable, easy to use and will connect to the complete line of Hi-Tech injection packers. The 30001C is equipped with an automatic shut off switch that will allow the pump to run until the set pressure is reached at which time the pump will stop and hold the set pressure, as the polyurethane penetrates the pressure will drop and the pump will restart and run until the set pressure is reached once again. This feature allows the operator to have greater control of the injection pressure. The pump is complete with a pressure gauge, 10 foot hose, valve, flex hose and female zerk coupler

Data Sheet: