A solvent-free, moisture insensitive, two-component epoxy adhesive that structurally bonds new concrete to old concrete. It meets ASTM-C-881, Type I and II, Grade 2 Classes B and C for Epoxy Resin Adhesives. It meets USDA specifications for use in food processing areas.

Data Sheet:

  • Bonding fresh concrete to hardened concrete and steel.
  • Grouting bolts, dowels, pins, etc.
  • Grouting horizontal cracks in structural concrete and wood.
  • Interior or exterior horizontal surfaces.
  • Machinery and base-plate grout.
  • Structural adhesive for concrete, masonry, metal, wood, etc.

Surface Preparation:
Surface must be clean and sound. It may be dry or damp, but free of standing water. Remove dust, grease, curing compounds, waxes, foreign particles and disintegrated materials.

Preparation Work:
Concrete: Sand blast or use other approved mechanical means. Steel: Sandblast to white metal finish.

Bulk Mixing:
For bulk mixing pre-mix each component thoroughly. Proportion equal parts by volume of Component "A" and Component "B" through appropriate metered epoxy mixing equipment as recommended by the manufacture. Mix only the quantity that can be used within its pot life and do not allow mixed material to reside in static mixing head or mixer for more than five minutes or nozzle blockage may result. HT Fluid bulk can be mixed with oven-dried aggregate, yielding an epoxy mortar blend.


  • Super-strength bonding/grouting adhesive.
  • Insensitive to moisture before, during and after cure.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, metals, wood and most structural materials.
  • Easy to mix 1:1 ratio between components.
  • Easy to use for bonding/grouting applications.
  • Fast initial set; rapid gain to ultimate strengths.

Color (A+B)                                           Grey
Viscosity (mixed)                                  2500 cps
Mix Ratio (by volume)                            1:1
Tack Free Thin Film at 77°F                     5-6 hrs
Absorption        ASTM D-570      0.61 %
Shrinkage          ASTM C-883                  Passes
Gel Time 100 grams at 77°F           ASTM C-881                  30 mins
Heat Deflection Temperature
                        ASTM D-648                 120°F
Bond Strength   ASTM C-882 2 days       2,145 psi
                                           14 days     2,428 psi
Compressive Strength @73°F
                        ASTM D-695 7 days     11,200 psi
Tensile Strength @ 73°F      14 days      
                        ASTM D-638                 4,500 psi
Flexural Strength
                        ASTM D-790                 7,500 psi
Shear Strength
                        ASTM D-732                 5,300 psi