Low viscosity for deeper penetration, high strength, two component epoxy adhesive binder. Multipurpose, solvent-free, moisture insensitive general purpose resin adhesive. HT-500 LV conforms to ASTM C-881, Types I and IV, Grade 1, Classes B & C for epoxy resin adhesive. It also meets USDA specifications for use in food processing areas. An excellent epoxy adhesive for use in crack grouting by pressure injection or gravity-feed, and as a general purpose binder for sealing many concrete slab conditions and for making epoxy patching mortars and grouts.

Data Sheet:

  • Pressure-injection for cracks in structural concrete, masonry, wood, etc.
  • Gravity-feed of cracks in horizontal concrete and masonry.
  • Epoxy resin binder for epoxy mortar patching and overlay of interior, horizontal surfaces.
  • Seal interior slabs and exterior above-grade slabs for water, chlorides, mild chemical attack and to improve performance.
  • Grouting bolts, dowels, pins, etc.

To gravity feed cracks:
Pour neat HT-500 LV into  vee-notched crack. Continue placement until completely filled. Seal underside of slab prior to filling if cracks reflect through.

To pressure-inject cracks:
Use automated injection equipment of manual methods. Set appropriate injection ports based on system used. Seal ports and cracks with HI-TECH Structural Gel or HI-TECH Structural Gel Fast. When the epoxy adhesive seal has cured, inject HT-500 LV with steady pressure. Consult Technical Service for additional information.

To seal slabs:
Spread neat HT-500 LV over slab. Allow penetration. Remove excess to prevent surface        film. Seal interior slabs and above grade exterior slabs only.

For use as an epoxy mortar:
Prime prepared surface with neat HT-500 LV. Place prepared epoxy mortar before primer becomes tack-free. Place the epoxy mortar using trowels. Compact and level with vibrating screed or trowels. Finish with finishing trowel. Exterior application may darken with ultra violet exposure.


  • Low viscosity.
  • Insensitive to moisture before, during and after cure.
  • Easy mix, convenient volume ratio: Mix 2 parts A to 1 part B.
  • Unique, high-strength, structural adhesive for “can’t dry” surfaces.
  • Deep penetrating and tenacious bonding of cracks in structural concrete.
  • High early strength developing adhesive.
  • Excellent chemical resistance for flooring systems.

Color (A+B)                                           Amber
Viscosity (mixed)                                  500 cps
Mix Ratio (by volume)                            2:1
Pot Life            100 grams @ 77°F                     30 mins
Absorption        ASTM D-570  24 hrs      0.84 %
Shrinkage          ASTM C-883                  Passes
Gel Time           ASTM C-881                  45 mins
Heat Deflection Temperature
                        ASTM D-648                 120°F
Bond Strength   ASTM C-882 2 days       2,580 psi
                                           14 days     3,735 psi
Compressive Strength @73°F
                        ASTM D-695 7 days     12,385 psi
Tensile Strength @ 73°F      14 days      
                        ASTM D-638                 7,168 psi
Flexural Strength
                        ASTM D-790                 8,700 psi
Shear Strength
                        ASTM D-732                 8,500 psi