PE-85 Moisture Insensitive Joint Filler


Anyone that has filled joints, knows that moisture is often a challenge that must be overcome. Whether it is from a scrubber that wasn’t supposed to be run, a leaky pipe or just plain old humidity, moisture will cause many polyurea joint fillers to swell and bubble. This reaction results in poor adhesion of the filler to the joint sidewall and often times visible bubbles in the joint.

Choosing the right crack and spall repair material

Hi-Tech Systems manufactures a variety of crack and spall repair products.

This blog will discuss several common repairs and what material would be best.

Hairline cracks(less than 1/16”)
For hairline cracks, Hi-Tech Spall FX in cartridge form with needle tip applicator is a great option. The ultra low viscosity of Spall FX allows it to completely penetrate fine cracks and knit them together. Spall FX has a 100 second working time and cures in about 15 minutes. For more working time, choose Spall FX2.

Pre Polish Filler with Hi-Tech TX3 and FX2

After performing your initial grind of the floor, ensure that all large spalls are repaired and that the surface has been thoroughly vacuumed and is free of dust and other bond breakers.

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