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Mixing Sand with Hi-Tech Spall FX and TX

  Adding sand to hand mixed Hi-Tech Spall FX and TX has many benefits. It increases the strength of the product, gives it a more natural concrete look, extends the volume of the product and allows more working time. Do not attempt to add sand to material in a cartridge or bulk material in a dual component pump. The following guidelines will give you an idea of the consistency and increase in volume at different sand to material ratios. It is always best to make your own sample to ensure that the product meets the needs of your specific job. All measurements are by volume.

Mixing Cementitous Material with TX3

For this demonstration we utilized Light Gray DecoPour. Any cementitous material will work. We have experimented with Portland cement, Rapid Set Tru and many others. The cementitous material serves two purposes. First off it gives the material its base color, and secondly it great increases the ability of the material to absorb stain.

Prep the spalled area with a grinder, roto hammer or chisel, then vacuum thoroughly to en-sure that it is free of lose concrete and other debris.

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