Pre Polish Filler with Hi-Tech TX3 and FX2

After performing your initial grind of the floor, ensure that all large spalls are repaired and that the surface has been thoroughly vacuumed and is free of dust and other bond breakers.

Mix the “B” side of the material for at least 45 seconds to ensure the pigment and chemicals are completely blended together. Measure equal parts “A” and “B” and mix together in a seprate container. Start with a small amount, 16 ounces or so, until you get a feel for applying the product. After mixing material, pour material on clean concrete surface and grout the floor with a metal squeegee or trowel.


While one person is grouting the floor with TX3/FX2, have a second person wearing spiked shoes following and looking for larger, dime and nickel sized divots in the floor. Broadcast dry 30 grit silica sand on top of these. This will give the material a more natural concrete like appearance and prevent low shiny spots.


Allow the material to completely cure on the floor, about 30-45 minutes, depending on conditions. Continue grinding with your next metal bond diamond to remove the material. Metal bond diamonds between 40-100 should remove the excess material in a single pass. The resultant floor is completely smooth and can be polished, stained and densified.


For a more detailed demonstration of this process, please watch the following video: