Choosing the right crack and spall repair material

  • Mixing Spall TX3

    Mixing Spall TX3

Hi-Tech Systems manufactures a variety of crack and spall repair products.

This blog will discuss several common repairs and what material would be best.

Hairline cracks(less than 1/16”)
For hairline cracks, Hi-Tech Spall FX in cartridge form with needle tip applicator is a great option. The ultra low viscosity of Spall FX allows it to completely penetrate fine cracks and knit them together. Spall FX has a 100 second working time and cures in about 15 minutes. For more working time, choose Spall FX2.

Cracks (1/8” or greater)

For larger than hairline cracks, Hi-Tech Spall TX in cartridge form is a great option. It is thicker in viscosity so that material will not be lost down the crack, but thin enough that it will fully penetrate and repair the crack. For additional working time, choose Spall TX2 or TX3.
If you happen to have Spall FX and need to repair a wider crack, don’t worry. Fill the crack with dry 30 grit silica sand flush with the floor. Saturate the sand with the Spall FX until it is fully saturated and slightly overfilled. This will likely require several passes as the Spall FX settles down through the sand.

Spalls and Large Cracks

For large cracks and spalls, hand mixing TX3/FX2 with sand and cementitous material is a great solution. The added sand and cementitous maerial increases the strength of the repair, helps it blend in better and increases the volume of the product. When hand mixing, many customers like to purchase bulk containers of repair material and like the additional working time afforded by the TX3 and Spall FX2.