About us

Progressive Fastening Systems was established in the 80’s as a specialty fastener supplier to commercial, industrial and construction markets. From its inception, PFS has provided expert product knowledge, engineering assistance, job-site demonstrations, hands-on training and certification to its customers. PFS is constantly striving to offer the cutting edge improvements in the products it brings to its customers.

PFS has an extensive background in a wide variety of construction products. One of the main focuses of its business has been seismic strengthening and renovation products. Rick Swanson, owner of PFS, has supplied epoxy anchoring systems since the 80’s. Rick eventually opened a subsidiary company, known as Hi-Tech Epoxy Systems, in order to better control the many different epoxy products required on various jobs. Our long history in the seismic market has proven to be a great benefit to our contractors, structural engineers, and building owners. Because of our knowledge and job service, PFS has been chosen to supply some of the most significant seismic projects in California including : One Colorado in Old Town Pasadena, Los Angeles City Hall Base Isolation, and the historical Missions of San Juan Capistrano, San Fernando, Santa Barbara, San Miguel, and San Luis Obispo.

Successful relationships with contractors, engineers and building owners eventually led PFS into the field of concrete floor joint fillers, repair products and coating systems. The name, Hi-Tech Epoxy Systems, was changed to Hi-Tech Systems, so as not to be limited in name to just epoxy based products.

Hi-Tech Systems now manufactures and distributes a variety of products including: epoxy, polyurea and polyurethane products, low pressure pumps, ports and caps, etc… PFS started a web site in 2000, and added videos in 2006 – proving to be a great informative tool for marketing our products across the nation, including international sales.

One of Hi-Tech’s most successful product lines is the fast curing concrete crack and spall repair material. It is available in a variety of set times and viscosities with the ability to cure down to -20° F. An outdoor asphalt and concrete road repair version has been very successful in fixing damaged roads in less than 30 minutes! All of the Hi-Tech products are available in Bulk Kits or in convenient side by side cartridges.